Day 10 - Bear the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Read Galatians 5:22-26

As followers of Jesus, we are to daily yield to the control of the Holy Spirit. Verse 25 encourages us to “live by the Spirit” and “follow the Spirit.” The tangible evidence that the Holy Spirit is in control of our life is spiritual fruit.

Just as an apple is the outward evidence of the inner reality of an apple tree, so the fruit of the Holy Spirit is the outward evidence that the Holy Spirit is in control of our lives.

When the Holy Spirit is in control, our lives will be characterized by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, gentleness and self-control. God’s plan is to produce all of these qualities in us as we yield to Him. When the Holy Spirit is not in control of our lives, we are unloving, joyless, restless, impatient, unkind, and out of control.

If the person who knows you best, used the qualities in verses 22 and 23 as a checklist, what words would they choose to describe you? Would they describe you as a loving person? A person characterized by joy? Would they refer to you as a patient person? A kind person?


Yield today to the work of the Holy Spirit in you. Ask God to produce in you the fruit of His Holy Spirit.

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