Day 12 - Be Controlled by the Spirit

Read Romans 8:5

I love to sit on the couch with my television remote control flipping channels. On my remote there are several buttons, one for the cable box, those for the television, and those for an audio system. Sometimes while I am watching cable, I will accidentally hit the audio system buttons and then the remote will not control the cable box. It takes me a moment to understand that I have by mistake touched the wrong button.

The text in Romans 8:5 reminds me that by nature we are controlled by sinful desires. That we are created a sinner is not unbelievable to us because it is so easy to live life as a sinner, right? The text also tells us that those controlled by the Spirit respond in a spiritual way. In a normal day as things happen around us, how we respond shows which we are controlled by; our sinful nature or our spiritual nature.

We must choose what controls us, whether sinful nature or spiritual nature. In our churches today we often speak before thinking and then we make the wrong selection of control.

How would your life be different if every day you chose to be controlled by your spiritual nature? What about your church? Over these next weeks, ask God to speak to you and guide you to revitalization of your spiritual life and your church.


Pray God will show you areas of your life you need to allow Him to control. Also, pray for the leaders in your church to be guided by Him.

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