Day 16 - Be a Peacemaker

Read Matthew 5:9

We see so much unrest in our world even to the point of conflict. When conflict erupts, hate wins! Sides are drawn and people are placed into two or more groups. When conflict permeates a people, we see trust broken and lives affected for years.

In the church today we see the same thing; people chose sides and conflict impacts the church. When conflict happens inside the church, the only winner is Satan. Most church conflict has little to do with biblical issues and more to do with individual choices such as color, styles, and practices.

Jesus teaches us that peacemakers are needed. The people with the gift of being a peacemaker find ways to squish conflict to help the church work in peace. The actions of a few can cause the church to lose its effectiveness in the community. The conflict side of church has divided family, friends and neighborhoods. Conflict holds bondage where peace gives freedom.

For a church to find revitalization there must be peace in the body. We must find ways to broker peace in the body.


Is there conflict in your church? Ask God to help you identify ways for you to become a peacemaker in your church.

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