Day 27 - Consider What Others Think

Read Romans 15:1-3

A church is a family made up of people who belong to God through faith in his Son, Jesus Christ. Each person in the church has an opinion about what he or she would like to see happening or not happening in his or her church. Trouble arises when those opinions clash and some are getting their way while others are not.

Romans 15:2 tells us to make it our aim to please others in the church. Trouble decreases when the members seek to join together around a mission and vision rather than each one pursuing his or her own desires. One way to consider the needs of others is to ask them what they would like to see happen in your church and why they wish to see this particular ministry or program come about. Peace in the family is enhanced when we lovingly consider the needs and desires of others in the family.

In what ways are you seeking to promote the interest of others in your church?


Consider praying today that God will give you opportunities to listen to the desires and wishes of someone in your church from an age category other than your own. Pray also that God will enable you to hear what is really important to them through this conversation.

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