Day 28 - Pursue Church Unity

Read Psalm 133:1-3

There are not many things more discouraging, or distasteful, than a heated church business meeting over a trivial issue. At the moment, when tensions are high and voices are raised, no issue seems trivial. Later on, however, when relationships have been severed and people have left the church over an issue regarding taste and not substance those meetings do leave an unpleasant feeling for the people involved.

Consider, on the other hand, the beauty and pleasing atmosphere created in the vision described in Psalm 133. When a congregation is unified around knowing and serving God in the fulfillment of His purpose and vision for the church it is a beautiful thing. Not only is God pleased with appropriate church unity, but also the people of God are pleased and enabled to experience more of the power of the Holy Spirit in their work for the Lord.

As you move into revitalization, in what ways are you seeking to promote unity in your church? And is there anyone in your church family with whom you need to seek Christian reconciliation?


Would you pray today that God will help you be a person of peace in your congregation? Consider praying that God will give you a peace-making, conciliatory spirit to aid your church as it moves forward toward revitalization.

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