Day 32 - Build Up The Church

Read 1 Corinthians 14:6-12

In these verses Paul is speaking to young Christians in Corinth. There is some desire to have certain spiritual gifts. Paul reminds the people here that spiritual gifts are used to build up the church.

One of the problems in the church today is people do not know their spiritual gifts. The Bible teaches that each person is given at least one spiritual gift from God.


The other problem related to spiritual gifts in the church is the lack of people using their gift (s). If you know your spiritual gifts, then how are you using them in the church? If God gives us these gifts, He expects us to use them!

Many pastors I speak with tell me about their great need for workers in the church. If we are putting our gifts to work, then the church would have all the workers it needs, right?

A revitalized church is one that is using the spiritual gifts of the members to build up the body of the church and reach that community for Christ.


Pray today for God to show you your spiritual gifts and how He wants you to use them to build up His church!

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