Day 34 - Schedule a Church Check-up

Read Acts 11:19-30

Are your life, marriage, family, career, and church healthy? The church in Antioch was healthy and strong. News about the church reached Jerusalem. It’s a fact that people talk about the church (good or bad). Barnabas reported that he saw the “grace of God” when he arrived in Antioch. What are people saying about the church you serve? As people attend your church, do they see the “grace of God” at work?

What signs distinguish a healthy church? A healthy church...

1. Expects commitment. Persecution couldn’t stop the witness of early believers.

2. Shares Jesus. Early believers didn’t talk about the economy, sports, or Hollywood. Jesus was the subject of their conversations.

3. Welcomes change. The church in Antioch saw the Lord change lives, marriages, and families. The church’s message must never change. However, methods need to change as the Lord leads.

4. Serves together. Barnabas needed Saul’s help to teach the believers in Antioch. Healthy churches embrace a “team” approach to ministry.

5. Disciples believers. Barnabas and Saul taught a great number of believers for one year. Healthy churches never separate evangelism and discipleship.

6. Practices generosity. A worldwide famine convicted the early believers to give. Generosity is a must in a healthy church.

7. Trusts leaders. The Antioch church trusted Barnabas and Saul. Leadership trust is essential in healthy churches.

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