Day 6 - He Must Become Greater

Read John 3:30

Ministry involvement isn’t immune from dangers. The enemy loves to see pastors and Christian leaders disobey God, divide churches, and destroy ministries. One tool the enemy uses is pride. As Pr. 16:18 reads, “Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.” John’s heart was in the right place. He desired to see people focus on the Son of God and the Savior of the world. John wanted the watching world to remember Jesus’ name, not his name.

Trouble comes when pastors and Christian leaders fail to follow John’s example. A pastor believes he is irreplaceable; he positions himself to climb the “ministerial ladder” of success; and he seeks to take credit for the church’s advancement and growth. God longs for His Son to increase and for His servants to decrease. Jesus increases when He becomes the “thread” of every sermon and Bible study, when He receives the glory and honor that are due Him, when His grace is embraced and given, and when He is followed with heartfelt devotion and surrender.

As you reflect on your life and ministry, are you following John’s inspirational example? Is the spotlight of ministry shining on you or on the One who converted and called you?


If Jesus is increasing, praise the Father. If you’re increasing, repent and experience a new beginning.

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