Day 8 - Ask, Seek, and Knock

Read Matthew 7:7-12

The Bible is clear that God answers the fervent prayers of His people according to His will, and we know it is His will for His church to be revitalized and healthy. Perhaps revival tarries because we give up on prayer too soon.

A small girl watched as her mother smeared cold cream on her face. She asked, “Mommy, why are you doing that?” “To make myself beautiful,” the mother replied. In a few moments, as the mother started wiping off the cream, the child asked, “Are you giving up already?”

We should never give up in prayer as we ask God to revitalize our churches. In fact, we should pray regularly and intensely until the answer comes. The verbs “ask, seek, and knock” are expressed in a form that denotes continuous action. Jesus is literally saying, “Ask, and keep on asking. Seek, and keep on seeking. Knock, and keep on knocking.”

Do you regularly pray with intensity for the revitalization of your church? If your church needs to be revitalized, whatever you do, do not quit praying until the answer comes. Ask, seek, and knock!


Begin your journey of ongoing, fervent prayer for your church’s revitalization today. God will answer in His time

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