Church Services update 5-13-2020

Church family,

We could have never anticipated these last couple of months. The Covid-19 virus and its impact has been a very eventful to say the least. Our church services have changed, but they have not stopped. Through these quarantined days we have still seen the salvation hand of God move through our church. The number of people that have joined us for worship on Sunday mornings have been so many! I say this to remind you that it is, and always has been, about the power of the Word of God and the Gospel of His Son Jesus. 

I would like to say thank you to our pastors and deacons of NH. These men and their wives have reached out personally to our senior members during this time. Thank you to Brian and Ashley Barnes who have kept the student/youth ministry going and used three different methods of keeping in touch with them. Thank you to Andrew and Crystal Johnson who have steadily taught and reached the children of NH. Thank you to Brandon West, Andrew Abney and Jacob Abney who have prepared and led us in praise as we worship together during our services. Thank you to Brandon Abney, Patti Abney and Britt Hughes that have kept our services going strong through our internet ministry. They have worked to better our experience of “being together” while we have been apart. Thank you to Patricia Davis who reproduces DVD’s of the service so those who cannot join through internet services are able worship with us. Thank you to Teresa Campbell, Joey Peters and Patti Abney who organized the online giving for our church. Thank you to Candice Suddeth who has continued to keep the church office working. Thank you to Rickey Campbell and others who have come to make our building beautiful and open. Numerous people who minister, people who work, people who have been a blessing… Thank you to all who are the body of Christ in Action.

Church, these are difficult days for many who we love and are close with. People have lost their jobs and some who have even lost family members due to this virus. Church seems to be quite different, but our God has not changed. Press on NH and endure this storm. My prayer is that your passion for Christ and the Word of God is so strong when we return together. I pray that a hunger and thirst, like never before, has affected you and that you will be more focused and sincere about worship. 
Here are some of the guidelines and information of what is next at North Highland as we come together again.

We love you and miss you, 






After much prayer and guidance, NH will take the following precautions and begin services on 
Sunday, May 17, 2020 with the following plans in place


  • Sunday School classes will remain the same as of now with each person/family doing an independent study time with the materials provided



  • We will hold two (2) morning services (9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.)

    • The doors of the church will open 15 minutes prior to each service times. We ask that you enter quickly and find a place to sit with your family

    • For those who will come to the earlier service, please allow us time to clean before the next group of members enter the church (time to wipe down everything and clean bathrooms as well, also allowing for parking and getting people in and out of the church without crossing over top of one another

    • Each service times will hold approximately 110 members in different areas of the building (Example: 60 members will fill the sanctuary during the 9:00 service and 50 will fill the Fellowship Hall during the 9:00 service, and such as with the 11:00 service)

    • By having two (2) service times we should be able to accommodate all members. If not, we will add another service time if needed

  • In order to protect each of our members at NHBC

    • The SANCTUARY will host members from birth to 50 years of age

    • The FELLOWSHIP HALL will host members 51 years of age and up


    • Each person or family, please visit to sign up

    • Please keep your selected service time until we are through this difficult time

There will NOT be a Nursery or Children’s Church for any of these services at this time



  • Our evening services will continue to be the same throughout the summer months with the discipleship and hopefully small group studies from the messages on Sunday



  • Wednesday evening services will be reserved for the children and youth ministries

  • Parents who bring their children to the services will have the opportunity to be a part of a bible study as their children and students are enjoying the worship and lesson time with their pastor and helpers

  • This day will be reserved for children and youth ministries only so to accommodate those who are present and provide space needed for their worship



  • On Sunday (between each service), Monday, and Thursday, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SIGN UP for one or more of these opportunities to help keep the church sanitized until we are through this time of difficulty




  • When you come into the services for the next weeks, please find a place to be seated and DO NOT stand in the aisles or front entrance ways

  • Only our deacons/pastors will usher everyone in and out of the building 

  • Please do not shake hands or hug anyone, while this is difficult in our loving fellowship, it is a MUST! We must remember “it’s not about me, but about others”

  • Please do not bring drinks, food or candy into the sanctuary or fellowship hall and especially do not bring candies to give away

  • IF YOU… are not feeling well or have had a fever, DO NOT COME TO SERVICE. Protect others that you love and help to not spread this any further

  • Please do not enter other portions of the church buildings (such as Sunday school rooms, nursery, youth room, etc…)



  • Do we have to, or need to wear masks?

    • This is not a guideline given unto us but if you choose to wear a mask to any service please know that we want you to do so. Our deacon/pastor ushers will wear masks each service as they will be in closest relation to people and it was decided by these men to do so.

  • What if I need to use the restroom while I’m at one of the services?

    • Women:  Our standard restrooms will be for the women of our church. If you need to use the restroom, then you should exit the doors leading to the outside of the building you are in and enter into the center building to use the restroom. Our security team will assist you once you are outside the building. Then please re-enter your building of worship the same. 

    • Men:  We will have outside mobile restrooms for each of our buildings. They will be easily accessible and clean. Thank you for doing this for our women. 

  • What about checking temperatures at the door?

    • Also, this is not a guideline, and honestly one that should be accomplished on your own. If you, or any family member have symptoms of sickness or fever, please check that yourself and stay at home to rest

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when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.
Sunday May 17th